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I don’t know about you, but ever since the birth of our son, eating out has more often than not felt like a race against the clock. Our little lad has just turned 3 and things are getting (slightly) better, but nevertheless, my husband and I often spend our time in restaurants hurriedly knocking back scalding hot drinks and inhaling whole plates of food. This is of course all whilst rummaging in our bags for stickers, crayons, an iPad, a hair clip, anything (!) that will delay our son’s inevitable cutlery drum solo and attempted pole-vault across the table until after we’ve asked for the bill. Hardly relaxing. Therefore, the thought of going for brunch in midlevels at Rosie Jean’s – which bills itself as being a ‘family-orientated’ cafe – sounded like a huge treat.

And rather pleasingly, it really was. As soon as we slid open the door and stepped into thevintage, cute interior, our son instantly ‘got’ that this was not just somewhere where he would need to be seen and not heard, but somewhere he belonged. In fact, embracing childhood seems to be what Rosie Jean’s is all about. From the doll’s house, spinning tops and Legos in the corner, to the lemons riding on their own big wheel display, right down to the ‘tuck-shop’ sweets on the shelf and the framed children’s puffin story books on the walls – this place not only makes children feel at home, but also captures something of the nostalgic essence of childhood from a bygone age (particularly, if like me, you happened to be brought up in Britain in the 1970s/80s).....

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Rosie Jean’s Café review: a Caine Road lunch spot with added playtime fun!

After the excitement of a visit to the 1600 Pandas at a sweltering PMQ last week (in short: lots and lots of papier-mâché  pandas. Not sure what else I can say, really), our gang of four intrepid adventurers were in need of a drink and some aircon, stat.

Having been not-so-subtly rejected entry by one of PMQ’s swankiest, and most social-media’d new eateries (hint: it’s kind of stupid to say that you’re not yet open when we can plainly see two other tables enjoying their coffee – just man up and own the fact that you don’t welcome kids if that’s the case), we trudged back up Aberdeen Street to Caine Road and the welcome sanctuary of Rosie Jean’s Café. 

Self-styled as “Hong Kong’s first child-friendly café”, this cute little eatery is all for letting kids be kids, and the number of strollers parked outside on the day we visited confirmed it as a hit with Mid Levels mums looking for somewhere to relax with a coffee while their sprogs let loose....

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Little Steps Hong Kong

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Little By Latte

Rosie Jean’s must be Hong Kong’s kids-friendliest Cafe. It is located on Caine Road and does not look like much from the outside. But go inside, and you’ll find not only a wealth of pastries, including carrot cake and gingerbread, great coffee, and a terrace!

In all fairness, I came just before closing time so the pictures do not do it justice. Rosie Jean’s is also beautifully furnished, with a washed-wood counter, and the brightest, bluest coffee cups in Hong Kong.

The Cafe provides toys and space for kids and toddlers and the staff is friendly.

Ups: A terrace, no over-crowding, good flat-whites.

Downs: For those without kids, it may become a little too buzzy.

Price range: ££

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